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If the health of your smile has declined, restorative dentistry treatments such as dental implants, Invisalign®, or root canal therapy at our Oak Park office can safeguard against further deterioration. These restorative dentistry treatments can help you reclaim your health, optimize the functionality of your smile, and enhance its appearance.

Genetics, injury, and lack of proper dental care are just some of the many circumstances than cause your oral health to degrade. Teeth can become decayed, misaligned, or altogether dislodged from the jaw, but restorative treatments offered in our office can help you regain balance and symmetry to your smile, and provide you with improved oral health that can last a lifetime. If you are interested in enhancing your smile through a restorative treatment such as root canal therapy, please contact our Oak Park office serving Elmwood Park and the greater Chicago, Illinois area.

Single-Visit Dental Implants

restorative-dentistry.htmlTraditional dental implants require a minimum of two visits to the dentist and a lengthy healing period – up to six months – before a final restoration can be placed. Advancements in implant dentistry have greatly improved the process, making it more efficient and convenient for the patient. We are proud to offer same-day implants at our practice, meaning an extracted or missing tooth can be fully restored and support a permanent dental crown in a single visit.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a treatment performed at our Elmwood Park officedental-implants.html involving the removal of decayed tissue from deep within your tooth and its roots. If your tooth has maintained a healthy outer structure, the dentist can drill a small opening in the side of the tooth through which the inner pulp (or nerves) can be removed. A special tool will help the dentist remove decayed matter from within the hard-to-reach centers of your tooth roots. Finally, the tooth is sealed closed, and you are left with a healthy, restored tooth that can either stand alone, or serve as a natural foundation for a dental crown. Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy is nearly pain free, thanks to the use of anesthetics.


Invisalign® is an alternative to traditional braces that can inconspicuously and comfortably straighten your teeth. By wearing custom-made clear plastic mouth pieces for a designated amount of time each day, Invisalign® gradually guides your teeth into proper alignment. You will return to the dentist periodically for new mouthpieces that will continue to guide your teeth. Not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign®; contact us today to find out if Invisalign® can help you.

Dental Fillings


Tooth-colored fillings are used to fill voids left following the removal of decayed portions of your teeth. Many patients prefer these fillings because traditional silver amalgam fillings are often considered unsightly. Tooth colored fillings are an excellent solution for chipped teeth, closing spaces between teeth, and augmenting cracked, worn, or broken teeth. They are inconspicuous, durable, and form a more secure bond to your natural teeth than silver amalgam fillings do.



Onlays are custom-made fillings permanently cemented onto the tooth. They generally cover much more surface area of your tooth than fillings. If restoring your tooth does not require extensive removal of its outer structure, onlays can serve as an alternative to dental crowns. Onlays are an effective restorative dentistry solution offered at our Elmwood Park dental office.


Loose, ill-fitting dentures are a thing of the past. Today’s dentures are crafted tofull-or-partial-dentures.htmllook natural, feel comfortable, and enhance wearers’ confidence. Our practice offers a range of denture options, including traditional and implant-supported. Regardless of the denture you choose is right for you (determined by a number of factors like your aesthetic goals, budget, and lifestyle habits), each of our dentures is customized to an exacting degree.


Restorations like dental crowns and porcelain veneers were traditionally made at specialized dental laboratories, necessitating a minimum of two visits to the dentist and a weeks-long turnaround period. Today, our office is able to make beautiful, durable restorations in minutes. Using CEREC® technology, digital impressions of our patients’ mouths are sent to an on-site milling machine. Also known as same-day restorations, these crowns and veneers offer immediate aesthetic and functional benefits.